Training Plans

How the coaching works:

Human Design Overview/Coaching–  Human Design reading, touching on your Gene Keys Golden Pathway, which is 90 minutes and is recorded in mp3 format. Your reading will cover all the basic elements of your Design and focus on any areas that are of particular challenge for you.


Individual Reading/Coaching Package- Human Design Overview plus 6 coaching sessions

90 minute Overview followed by weekly or bi-weekly sessions of 1 hour working with Your Human Design and Gene Keys, going into greater depth and applying them to the areas (health and well-being, relationships, money, life purpose, etc) you are most interested in targeting.

I find that people benefit from taking the information in gradually, playing with it in their daily life and working with it over time.

Initial 90 minute Overview plus 6 Coaching Sessions


Individual coaching sessions are $85 per hour and $50 per half hour, after the initial oveview or package.

For larger group classes and teleclasses and for workshops or for any questions about what’s possible contact Ann at:




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