Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a practical method of self-care that teaches you how to prevent excess muscular strain in your body. It has a well-founded reputation for helping people with chronic back pain and other chronic pain conditions. It is also highly effective in helping with balance and coordination. The Technique is applicable to any human activity, is completely safe to learn, and is useful to people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

It teaches you to do whatever it is you do with less strain, greater efficiency, skill, confidence and satisfaction.

Built into us as human beings is a natural poise, ease, and coordination, an ability to move and maintain posture with presence, comfort, and efficiency. Unfortunately, this ability can get blocked by habits, injury, disease and thoughts.

The Alexander Technique playfully and effectively brings greater awareness to how we have more choice and freedom than we think, even when it seems like we don’t.

It is essentially mindfulness for the body/mind, a preventive and corrective technique with which we can learn to improve and maintain our health and well-being. It has also been called a “pre-technique” which people can apply to furthering any special skills and activities.

People who can benefit include:

  • People experiencing pain in the neck, shoulders, back, or joints
  • People experiencing anxiety or depression
  • Repetitive stress injury sufferers (RSI)
  • People suffering from tension headaches
  • People suffering from breathing problems
  • People who tend to get hurt despite regular exercise
  • Pregnant women and people taking care of children
  • Musicians, singers, dancers and actors
  • Athletes and sports enthusiasts
  • People involved in physically or mentally demanding occupations
  • Anyone interested in self-discovery or self-improvement!

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