Training Plans

The right combination of small, incremental steps and accountability together create foundational, lasting, and real shifts in behavior.


We build a plan of action based on your unique predispositions, goals and interests.

You will learn a unique, evolving combination of actions and practices from these areas to reach your goals:

Physical Goals: 
Using what is at your disposal (gym, the outdoors, exercise bike, free weights, soup cans…), what is already part of your life (walking the dog, taking care of your children or grandchildren…) and what is right for your body, we will develop a plan for daily action.

Mental Goals:
Using Human Energy Design and The Gene Keys each week we will explore a different aspect of your particular design. You will explore how that design functions in your life, allowing you to make increasingly wiser choices based on the facts of who you uniquely are.

Spiritual Goals:
You will learn meditation practices, self-reiki techniques, and/or mindfulness practices to use. Some practices might use time set aside and some can be used at the grocery store. It depends on what will actually work for you.


One thought on “Training Plans

  1. Good evening,
    I am looking to start an exercise program and would like to work with a personal trainer to help me reach my goals of looking and feeling the best I can.
    I will be turning 50 this year and really liked the different approaches on your website.
    I do have some weight to lose as well and am looking forward to reaching my goal this year.
    I look forward to hearing back from you:)

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