Alexander Technique plus Ann Seelye = freedom from pain and more joy in my life. Many years ago I was introduced to the Alexander Technique of body awareness through Sally Swift and her Centered Riding method of teaching Horseback riding. I became certified in this method of teaching and riding. This technique allowed me to become a true partner with my Horse and students.

Little did I know back then, that it would eventually allow me to become a partner with my own body through the teachings and gentle guidance of Ann Seelye. In 2008, at the age of 65, I found myself in the hospital intensive care unit suffering from multiple fractures and a punctured lung after a riding accident. My life and riding progressed, but not with the ease and freedom from pain, that I had in the past.

In 2014 I met Ann. A whole new chapter opened in my life with my body. Ann lead me into a new awareness of my physical self, where I was holding tension, how to let go of it and allow my whole body to work, not just parts of it. This was a spiritual as well as physical awakening for me. Ann leads me into ways of using “sleeping” muscles to allow overworked ones to get a rest. With Ann’s guidance I find my awareness growing and my body functioning as a fluid unit, with all of her parts sharing my day to day living and actions.

A year ago in the Spring, I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I would need to have shoulder replacement surgery by December. This would have curtailed my work completely for up to six months, because I do educational programs with Raptors as well as Avian rehabilitation. Trained Birds of Prey are handled on the left arm and it was my left shoulder that was painful.

Thanks to Ann and her teaching of the Alexander Technique, I have learned that my shoulders are not the only muscles and joints in my back. I have learned how to activate other muscles throughout my physical being, that allow me to function more fully and with much less pain. Shoulder surgery is no longer on my horizon, thanks to Ann Seelye.

The amazing revelation to me is that the longer I participate in this technique with Ann, the more “Aha” moments I have and the more depth of attunement I have with my physical self.  Maudi

Is my neck free?  Lead with your head.  This step, this step, this step.  These phrases are an integral part of my learning, experiencing, and benefiting from the Alexander technique.  With Ann’s expertise and guidance I have learned to significantly reduce my chronic pain.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and assumed that there really wasn’t much I could do about it.  But through the Alexander technique Ann has taught me that the some of the pain was from all the tension I was holding in my neck and shoulders and by learning correct positions, postures, and body awareness I am living a healthier, more relaxed life. CB  after 10 classes

I am a 77 year old semi-retired veterinarian, who flies to Ohio once a month to complete 8 to 10 surgical orthopedic procedures in two days.
Ann and the Alexander Technique have helped me beyond all my expectations, By expanding my view and focus, I have greatly alleviated my back pain which occurs during and after bending over a surgical table for two days
I am much more aware of my posture and how I am walking . Therefore I do not trip as much as I did when bent over walking. By realizing that my head is attached to my body between my ears, I now have more range of motion looking right and left while pulling into traffic. My golf game (always terrible) is improving as I become more aware of how to rotate and bring my torso back to hit the ball using my abdominal muscles. There are other areas in my flexibility that have also improved greatly.
Ann’s sessions have improved my overall health and mental outlook on life.
I must also say that being as conservative as I am in my medical outlook, my Wife had to drag me to our introductory session. Now I am out the door, waiting in the car for her, to go learn more from Ann.   Terry L. Owen, DVM

Working with Ann was wonderful, I felt my mood and vibration increasing during each session and I always felt very comfortable to open up to her. The sessions with Ann were a stepping stone that boosted my stillness, clarity, balance, spirituality and self love. Overall, I now have more awareness about my thoughts and my behaviors. I now identify judgmental thoughts and am loving the one that is judging instead of going down in a spiral of guilt and/or shame. I am now more aligned with my desires and more efficient. I feel more love and more peace in my life, and more connection with the universe. I feel empowered with the new practical tools that I learned with Ann. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. C.P-B

“Understanding my Human Energy Design, has given me permission to begin to “own” so much of who I am, my strengths and my weaknesses, my gifts and my challenges. Not only do I have a deeper understanding what I thought I knew about myself – the Personality side, but am now actually able to see, appreciate, enhance, manage, etc. my Design side (the aspects that everyone else has witnessed in me). I feel more grounded and in-tune with myself, and in the world, more empowered and self-confident. Ann’s wonderful calm and clear ability to lead me through the journey of explaining my design to me, was like receiving a special birthday gift!”  TP

I exercised Sat. and Sunday and a little on Wed. afternoon. I feel like I’ve lost inches, eating pretty well and no guilt best of all! Thanks for helping with that. That’s worth the money alone. S S-C

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