Tools and Techniques

Learning and sharing new tools to support overall radiance is my daily joy. These are the primary pathways I study and use to guide people to wisdom and wellness. Which tools we use depends on your unique interests and goals.

Guiding You to Radiant Health Through: 

  • The Alexander Technique: A method for unlearning physical habits, resulting in greater ease of movement and being.
  • Human Energy Design  and The Gene Keys: A practical guide and contemplative practice for identifying your unique predispositions, genius and vulnerabilities. Validation and greater self-acceptance and a road map for your life are some of the benefits.
  • MeditationSoftening the rigidity of the mind and calming the nervous system, so greater discernment, wisdom, intelligence and inspiration can arise.
  • Intuitive Eating: The more we make peace with food and cravings the closer we are to our naturally healthy body. Learn to listen and respond to your body’s messages.
  • Personal Training/Fitness by Phone: Using the urban landscape, the great outdoors, your home, or the gym to strengthen, to stretch and to increase cardiovascular health, in person or over the phone through Fitness by Phone.

What tool or combination would best serve you?



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