By Phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype   617-501-3132

Gene Keys/Human Energy Design for Life Transformation

  • 90 minute recorded Human Design Session  $200
  • Single 60 minutes sessions after a reading   $75
  • Overview and Coaching package- 90 minute overview plus five 60 minute sessions   $750
  • 5 session package $350

Fitness By Phone Coaching

  • 8 week package of 30 minute weekly sessions to set goals, celebrate progress, problem solve around obstacles and be held accountable for what you desire for yourself   $480
  • 12 week package $660

Intuitive Eating Coaching – same as Fitness By Phone Coaching

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

  • Single sessions and packages available depending on needs and goals

Personal Training via FaceTime/Skype


Testimonial from a Coaching client

“Working with Ann was wonderful, I felt my mood and vibration increasing during each session and I always felt very comfortable to open up to her. The sessions with Ann were a stepping stone that boosted my stillness, clarity, balance, spirituality and self love. Overall, I now have more awareness about my thoughts and my behaviors. I now identify judgmental thoughts and am loving the one that is judging instead of going down in a spiral of guilt and/or shame. I am now more aligned with my desires and more efficient. I feel more love and more peace in my life, and more connection with the universe. I feel empowered with the new practical tools that I learned with Ann. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. ” CPB


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